Enneagram Assessment, Report & Debrief

Enneagram Assessment, Report & Debrief



The Integrative Enneagram Assessment is the most valid and reliable Enneagram personality test available. Its dynamic design means no two people take the same test. The questions given change based on your answers! Once complete, you will receive:

  • A 20-page report, outlining your core type, instinctual sub-type, wing influences, and more. The report gives you:
    • Insights to increase self-awareness and develop your strengths.
    • Paths for growth in emotional and relational intelligence.
    • Suggestions for how to tackle the issues that keep you stuck.
  • One 1.5-Hour coaching session to verify your type and debrief your results.

*Note: This option includes a link to take the test and one session with a coach to review and validate your results. The assessment is also available on its own here.  Our favorite option, though? Get the test at a discount when you sign up for a coaching package!